Application of Detergent Plant

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Detergent Powder Machine Manufacturer

Detergent Powder is such product that is of daily use for every human culture. Apart from its routine use it is also used for several cleaning purpose. So being alert and responsive supplier of various machineries, we are Detergent Plant Manufacturer of optimum quality. Our plants are good combination and demonstration of harmonious procedure of Manufacturing of Detergent Powder Making Machine. It is used to make free flowing detergent powder.

Detergent Plant Machine in India

Furthermore, soda ash is a segment of sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP), another significant builder in detergent formulations. Our granulation innovation allows numerous powders and liquids for home and commercial laundry detergent applications in various industrial fields. Final bulk detergent has a high density, between 550 and 700 gr/lt. Active matter is between 7 to 18%, depending on formulation. Our Detergent Plant is able to process all fundamental raw materials utilized for manufacturing powder detergents.